Invisible Line

by Overall

Invisible Line is our brand new type of socks for men and women, ideal for use in shoes, trainers, pumps or ballet shoes. Invisible socks are perfect for warm weather since they put moisture away, keeping the feet dry. Our socks let you enjoy all the comfort of a liner without the look of a sock as a ”no socks” style. Production process ensures the exclusive combination of comfort without slipping or rolling. Our company was the first to produce this type of socks in Romanian market.

Why pick INVISIBLE socks

Optimal Quality

Discreet Design

Iso Standard



The proper care of socks begins with correct washing.
Here are some tips for maintaining your socks in top condition.

  • Machine wash the socks up to 40° C
  • Do not dry socks in tumble-dryer
  • Do not bleach the socks
  • Do not dry clean the socks
  • Do not iron the socks
  • Our socks are eco-friendly and can be recycled