OVERSAFE Insect Protect Line

by Overall

OVERSAFE® Insect Protect socks are unique in Europe through the use of our own technology, innovation process, invention, know-how and patented natural cellulosic fibers which provide permanent protection against insects. Special design and construction of the sock are made to fit on any foot, including seamless stitching on the toes area. These socks provide effective and durable protection against various types of insects – such as ticks, mosquitoes and spiders. In addition to exceptional wearing comfort, outstanding fineness and softness, our product provides excellent moisture absorption, keeping your feet healthy and dry during the use in all types of outdoor activities.

Why pick OVERSAFE Insect Protect

Insect Protection

Moisture control

Superior comfort and softness

Long-lasting fibres


The proper care of socks begins with correct washing.
Here are some tips for maintaining your socks in top condition.

  • Machine wash the socks up to 40° C
  • Do not dry socks in tumble-dryer
  • Do not bleach the socks
  • Do not dry clean the socks
  • Do not iron the socks
  • Our socks are eco-friendly and can be recycled