Bamboo Line

by Overall

Bamboo socks are made from bamboo fibers which are consisted of viscose. They are comfortable, natural, anti-fungal, super soft and breathable. Bamboo yarn is three to four times more absorbent then cotton yarn which keeps moisture away from the skin keeping feet fresh and dry. Our socks are made from naturally anti-bacterial bamboo fibers that keep feet odor to a minimum. Bamboo socks are good for everyday wear and comfort since they are ventilating the bottom of the foot. They are also great for people who are conscious about healthy feet, desire performance and superior comfort in their socks.

Why pick Bamboo


Extra Breathable




The proper care of socks begins with correct washing.
Here are some tips for maintaining your socks in top condition.

  • Machine wash the socks up to 40° C
  • Do not dry socks in tumble-dryer
  • Do not bleach the socks
  • Do not dry clean the socks
  • Do not iron the socks
  • Our socks are eco-friendly and can be recycled